The manufacturer that we have chosen as our aerial supplier is Triax who are a UK based company supplying aerials that will give you many years of trouble free reception.

The most common aerial that we use is the Triax 18SGA and W. We use these because they have no plastic parts on the main structure of the aerial. We mainly use two different types of aerial both of which are benchmarked aerials. This means that they are approved by the CAI and they have the digital tick. The high gain aerials which are an X type aerial are a Unix 52A which is a standard one aerial designed for difficult reception areas. We also use a Unix 52W which is a standard two aerial again designed for difficult reception areas. The Unix 52 aerial is a powerful problem solver and will sort out most issues with reception.

Installations, repairs and problem solving

As well as brand new installations, we can repair, analyse problems and carry out maintenance on any existing aerial. We have over ten years of experience and are qualified in all aspects of aerial installation - there truly is no better solution for your aerial needs.

Satellites and specialist installs

There are various different options for satellites. We do specialist installs i.e. dishes on very tall masts to overcome line of sight problems; we also offer a service discreet dish installation service. If Sky have told you no, give us a call to see if we can find you a solution - you'll be surprised what we can do.

Freesat and foreign satellite

Freesat is a subscription free satellite television service. You can use your Sky dish and it was originally created to offer an alternative to people that live in an area where television signals cause problems. A very good example was an installation that we carried out on Hythe waterfront and advised the customer of shipping going in and out that would cause problems. Eventually we fitted Freesat which overcame the problem. Southampton docks cause similar problems.

We can supply a wide range of Satellites to suit your needs for both domestic and commercial installations. The types of languages you can expect now are nearly all of the languages spoken within Europe and most of the world. As an example, Astra 19 degrees provides mainly German channels but also has many other languages including French, Spanish, Polish, Austrian, Japanese, Cuban, Brazilian, Russian, Chinese, British, Venezuela, Switzerland, USA, Belgium, etc. There are lots of other satellites that will cater for the rest of the world.

Different types of system

There is no subscription to free to air channels. Conditional access will give you a much greater selection of channels but you will have to subscribe to the network provider - another service we can sort out for you. There are also plenty of adult channel options available too. Please call to discuss.

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