Fitting telephone extension points and troubleshooting

We fit telephone extension points and we specialise in resolving internal problems on telephone systems that are on the internal side of the house.

We cannot resolve problems that are based in the exchange, however BT or your telephone provider are contracted to look after you up to the master socket in the house. Anything after that is your responsibility and this is where we can help you. Very often, this works out more economical than your service provider.

Broadband services

We specialise in broadband problems and fit computer networking cabling (CAT5 and CAT6) which will give you a much higher broadband speed than wireless, be more secure and reliable. We are hugely experienced in all aspects of problem solving and setup, so trust us - the experts - next time you encounter a problem.

Satellite over broadband

If you cannot get broadband in your area we can supply this over a satellite system. We can offer a fully fitted system that will run up to 10mb permanently and you will get to choose your own usage typically 4GB, 8GB, 13GB or 25GB. This will depend on your budget and usage.

Quality digital and analogue television installations, repairs and servicing
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